Things to Remember While Purchasing Fragrance Online

 Online shopping is the best blessing we have! Getting the orders to our doorsteps without much tiredness is a boon! But there are a few unusual items that we hesitate to purchase online. Perfumes are one of them. It is not that people do not buy them online, but if you are a first-timer and wish to buy a fragrance online, you need to know a few things.

First of all, take a moment to get familiarized with the fragrance terminologies and categories. In-depth research (if you have time) is an excellent opportunity to open yourself to knowledgeable fields. Otherwise, skimming through will serve the purpose!

For example, Longevity, volatile, and silage are few general terms used. Longevity is the duration for which the fragrance is supposed to last. Silage is used to describe a scent's reach or power. The volatile nature of different notes is the pace at which the perfume evaporates. Also, consider learning about different notes and categories of fragrance that exist. Notes are the blend of different scents that make up the perfume. Usually, a fragrance has top notes, middle notes, and base notes, and you’ll experience each fragrance in the air and on your skin.

Here are a few things explained that’ll reduce hesitation to buy perfumes online:

  • Look for samples: If you do not know where to start, opting for a variety of samples is the best idea. You can find it for free, or cheap fragrance samples are also available online. Better to visit a high-end department store and request for one. Sephora also offers sample options, and sometimes free ones with a purchase.
  • Get a Subscription: Committing to an affluent bottle of perfume can be frightening. Getting used to tricky fragrance takes time, and sometimes the scents you like initially may turn you off eventually. In that case, you can check out Scentbird- a perfume subscription service that sends you 30 days' worth of perfume in a vial every month for a low price. You can choose from more than 450 fragrances, and you get to pick which fragrance it sends each month. Check out for more in your region.
  • Shop at reputable sites: Once you are certain about perfume and want to buy it, always purchase from a reputed site. For the best experience, always stick to obtain it from the manufacturer’s website. Lucky Scent, Basenotes, and FragranceNet are few good options if you somehow fail to purchase directly from the manufacturer's site.
  • Look for Niche Brands: Dream of a signature scent that nobody else has! You can check out some indie fragrance sellers or brands that deal in niche perfumes. You might need to save a little more money for this, but it is worth it. Again, try many samples or rollerballs before committing to your unique fragrance bottle.
  • Sign up for a quiz: A few websites and companies offer fragrance personality quizzes that will help you ascertain your olfactory preferences. This is a must for you if you are new to the world of perfumery as you get to know your actual personality and what kind of fragrances you should carry based on your lifestyle.
  • Know your notes: Again, a good home-work into what a scent is and how it is supposed to react with your body will set the path correct for you. You’ll come across the term “notes” in the description column of all perfumes. Though they can be separated into many different groups, the main themes that are worked around are: fresh, floral, woodsy, and oriental. Knowing which perfume may suit you the best can help you in a great way to select the right perfume.

We hope you are all set to purchase a Fragrance Online, and this guide may have served the purpose in best interests!

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